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I purchased an iPhone case from about a month ago. I was on the search for a thin case, and upon reviewing their website, I decided to try their case out.

What I received was the most flimsy and cheap iPhone case I've seen yet. I paid $20 online for what equated to about a $4 product. The free stand that they advertised barely holds the phone and could be better made out of posterboard.

Needless to say, I immediately reached out to request return authorization and a refund. I have been emailing almost daily to three different contact emails on the website and received one response from a "Martin" last week asking for my receipt. I emailed a screenshot immediately of my PayPal receipt, and now they have gone unresponsive again.

Clearly this company (based on Hong Kong, so calling isn't an option) is advertising their product as a much nicer version of what it is, then when consumers are dissatisfied, completely ignoring any requests for return / refund information.

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You better hope you have no issues with or you will be SOL. They purposely leave no contact info for a reason.

There is no contact phone number and their emails are all fake. They never even bother checking their email addresses or they would realize that their inboxes are full and cannot accept new messages.

If you try Googling any of their addresses, non of them are real! I live in San Francisco and there is no such thing as PMB 136.

If you are dumb enough to purchase a Case from them, do it through eBay or PayPal where you will have buyer protection if they try to rip you off.

Dinuba, California, United States #905565

I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus case from them and the product I received was inferior in every way. I agree with you that the value of the case itself is nowhere near the $20 price. It is a case that I could easily purchase at a local 99cents store which is sad considering the website pictures advertise the case as much higher quality than it actually is.

Dallas, Texas, United States #578826

Please don't purchase your iphone cases from this company. I ordered a case for 3g iphone september 25th, 2012.

Still not have received it. They sent an e-mail saying it is out of stock. I actually called this company and left a message. This company is in Hong Kong.

Never got a reply back. My 19.90 dollars have gone down the drain.


The iPhone caze is NOT a case. It's a stip of rubber, that goes around the iphone 5.

It's the biggest joke that I have seen in the last 10 years.

Stay AWAY from this company.


I'm experiencing the same issue. I only have one email and the server return the email as "mail box full" WTF its a email not a voice mail!I think at this point i'm stuck with $40.00 of cheap cases. I wish I would have found this post before purchasing from Caze.

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